Junior LAOH


 Junior Blessing

May the children of Ireland here today be an example of the greatness that is on the way.

May they grow in Unity, Friendship, and Love and be blessed with the Spirit of the Lord up above.

May they be blessed with imagination to do many good deeds; these girls are out future, the next generation to lead.

We hope that we do justice as we lead your way, because the LAOH will be yours to take over one day.

The pride that we feel for our Juniors is strong; their fresh new ideas are what we long.

As we grow older and look at the years behind, the new generation of LAOH is what we will find.

A blessing is what we want to give to each of you.

But the blessing is ours to have these Juniors with their Irish smiles so true.


Written by:   Adrienne ReiserSimcic

                        Past President LAOH Division 23

                        Allegheny County Pennsylvania

Junior LAOH Report

  1. Regina will need to complete the Annual Report that is due at the end of the month, she is looking for last year’s report.
  2. Planning for 2022: 
    1. Meet at least once a month with the Ladies.  Either in a fun event or charity event. Regina and Kathleen plan to make a calendar of events. 
    2. Go to NY to meet the NY group
    3. Membership drive – Statewide
      1. Involve all the other divisions of PA (Via Virtual Meetings)
      2. Come up with a campaign to entice membership
    4. Inquire about becoming volunteers for the Irish Festival and the Ireland Institute (Jim Lamb’s organization). 
  3. More Irish history will be taught during these meetings. 
  4. Current LOAH members should reach out to Daughters and Granddaughters to inquire about their interest in becoming members of the Junior LAOH.  Age requirements are 6-17.  This participation looks wonderful on high school and college entrance forms.

For more information about the Junior LAOH download the General Information Booklet.


Presentation by Logan Kuhlman

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