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Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 23

MEMBERSHIP for LAOH Division 23:


Any woman interested in becoming a member of a Division of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. should review the qualifications for membership and complete an application for membership.

  1.  Qualification for Membership: Any woman sixteen (16) years or older, being a practicing Roman Catholic, who is Irish or of Irish descent through either parent, or who is legally adopted, or who is the wife or mother of a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America, or the mother of a member of either the Junior Division of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc., or the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America, or a woman of a religious order shall be eligible for membership in this order.  Any woman possessing the above qualifications may be admitted to membership with all rights and privileges.
  2. Application for Membership: Applications must be made on the form provided by the National Board. Applications shall be read by the Recording Secretary at a regular or duly organized meeting of the Division. Members present will then ballot by written or voice vote. Applicants will be declared accepted unless one-third (1/3) of the membership who vote cast ballots against the proposed candidate. The proposer shall certify that the applicant is a practicing Roman Catholic and worthy of membership.

Please download PDF membership form and contact any of the Ladies AOH officers for more information:

Click to access Application-for-Membership.pdf

St. Patrick’s Day Parade LAOH 2023

On November 12, members of our AOH division 23 participated in Amen to Action: Carmella Law, Nan Pitschke, Colleen DeFilippo and Kathleen Diulus. Today’s event prepared 100k meals for members in our communities with food insecurities.

Amen to Action