AOH National Board Scholarships – 2022

AOH Scholarship Opportunities

The National Board of the Ancient Order of Hibernians offers several opportunities for the children and grandchildren of its members. Information on two of their Scholarship Programs is noted here. Your National Board strongly encourages you to take advantage of these scholarship awards.

The AOH Irish Way Scholarship:

In 1990 the AOH National Board established an Irish Way Scholarship. A $1,000 Scholarship is awarded annually to the son, grandson, daughter, or granddaughter of a member of the AOH.
The Scholarship applications are judged by the Irish American Cultural Institute which is based in New Jersey.
The Irish Way Program is a nationally renowned summer study-abroad program that has educated over 4,000 American high school students since its’ inception in 1975. Each summer approximately American students take part in this unique cultural and educational experience that is supervised by the Irish American Cultural Institute, (IACI).
The Irish Way is truly a lesson in international citizenship. The IACI founded this program on the belief that fostering an appreciation of other cultures is an important part of an individual’s development. Students grow to understand the rich heritage and tradition of Ireland, while also experiencing the country’s distinct culture face-to-face. The Irish Way is a personal discovery and an experience of a lifetime.
The dates for the 2022 Irish Way Program for next summer will be June 30th – July 24th, 2022. Due to the Covid – 19 pandemic, enrollment will be limited to only 25 students for next summer, If you are interested in applying for the 2022 program, it is important to send in an application as soon as possible. You can CLICK HERE, to apply online.

You may also request an application for this program and scholarship, by contacting the Irish American Cultural Institute directly.

Irish American Cultural Institute
Post Office Box 1716 Morristown, NJ 07960
Telephone: 973 605 1991

Or you may contact our National Chairman at

Recipients have not been announced at this time. When they are announced, we will post them on this website. You may view the Irish Way Website, by clicking on this link

AOH National Board Study Abroad Scholarship:

The National Board of the Ancient Order of Hibernians has established two (2) annual $2,000 Junior Year Abroad Scholarships for the son or daughter of an AOH member in good standing, who is attending an accredited college or university in the United States, and who has been accepted at an accredited college/university in Ireland, that is recognized by the institution that he/she attends.
Should not enough applications for the Junior Year Abroad Scholarship be realized, then $1000 Scholarships for Semester Abroad Programs or $2,000/1,000 Master’s Degree in Irish Studies Abroad Scholarships will be considered and granted when appropriate. All scholarship applications are judged by an independent and impartial panel. The decisions of this panel are final. An application for this scholarship is available on this web page.
Here are some websites that you might find helpful as you prepare to explore about your study abroad experience. These websites are for informational purposes only. Please click on the links below for more information.

Need more information on either of these Scholarship Programs?

Please contact our National Chairman, William J. Sullivan at:

A Scholarship Request Form is also available 2022_AOH_Scholarship_Application_Request_Form.



In 2003 the L.A.O.H. and Trinity College in Washington, D.C. signed an agreement to continue the Lillian E. Fay Scholarship with the approved stipulations agreed upon at our National Convention in Connecticut. President Eleonore Grimley, Vice-president Mary T. Leathem, Legal Counsel Patricia Doyle, and Past National President Mary B. Dolan met on 22 January 2003 with Trinity President Patricia McGuire and Anne Pauley, VP of Institutional Advancement.

The stipulations are as follows:

1. A member of the LAOH who attends the College as a full-time student.
2. A member of the LAOH who attends the College as a part-time undergraduate student.
3. A member of the LAOH who attends the College as graduate student.
4. The daughter of an LAOH member. She may attend either full-time or part-time.
5. The granddaughter of an LAOH member. She may attend either full-time or part-time.
6. A practicing Catholic of Irish Decent within 4 generations.
7. A practicing Catholic – immigrant to the USA.
8. A practicing Catholic – child of an immigrant to the USA.
9. A practicing Catholic – descendent of any immigrant to the USA.

All LAOH members involved in the process must be in good standing with the Order. The Scholarship will be awarded each year and Trinity College will be the sole arbitrator.

To visit the website for Trinity College, click here: Trinity College

Notre Dame Hibernian Scholarship

Students who will be attending the University of Notre Dame are encouraged to apply for the Notre Dame Hibernian Scholarship.  The scholarship is open to both men and women students who are full time undergraduates attending Notre Dame.  Eligible applicants will be those students whose parent is either a member in good standing of the AOH or the LAOH or whom themselves are members in good standing of the AOH or the LAOH.  Those interested should follow the standard application procedures for admission and for financial aid consideration of the University as described in its publications and on its website ( and also submit a letter regarding their Hibernian scholarship eligibility to the Office of Student Financial Services, University of Notre Dame, Main 115 Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556.