St Brigid Mass – Sunday, February 5, 2023, Chartiers Country Club

Please join the LAOH of Allegheny County to celebrate the feast of St Brigid.  Mass will be celebrated at 10:00am, with a breakfast buffet to follow immediately after.  The following information contains the pertinent details:

Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 10:00am

Chartiers Country Club

601 Baldwin Road

Pittsburgh, PA  15202

(412) 921-3780

The cost is $35.00 per adult; $25.00 for juniors AOH/LAOH members.

Our division will be collecting all monies and submitting to the LAOH Allegheny County.  Please let Donna or Carmella know as soon as possible if you have an interest in attending.

At our monthly meeting on Friday, January 13, 2023, we can discuss further.  RSVPs need to be completed by Friday, January 27, 2023.