New Wheelchair Van for Roman


Jamie Ricca, mother of 10 year old Roman needs a new wheelchair accessible van so she can keep Roman going to school and all the other Pittsburgh places he goes with his family.  

The goal is to purchase a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country van owned by a family whose loved one passed.  They have offered to sell the van to Roman’s mom for the cost of the remaining loan, which is $34,000.  

You can help get Roman on the go again!  The goal is to have it purchased by the end of August in time for the new school year.

You can help Roman’s family to purchase this wheelchair accessible van by making a donation.


LAOH Div. 23 and on the memo line, Friends of Roman.


AOH House

5203 Carnegie Street

Pittsburgh PA  15201

  • If a letter is needed for taxes please include a note with your check.


Go Fund Me page was created if you would like the convenience of going online to donate.

Please spread the word about donating to this very worthy cause for Roman.

Thank you so much for your donations and support to keep Roman on the go!